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Sex Toys in Mumbai: Forget those days when you had to walk up to a store for a pair of dildos or a lubricant. Today, online stores in Mumbai will let you hunt for the most desired toys at the best prices. You just need to sit in front of the laptop, take your mouse, and hit a few clicks accordingly to buy adult toys in Mumbai from our online sex toys shop in Mumbai. While shopping here, you will come across all innovative sex toys at great discounts you hadn’t got earlier. 

brings a huge assortment of products for men, women, couples, and also for the LGBT community. Our online store is aware of multiple sexual needs and issues. Accordingly, it has compiled a fabulous range of adult products in Mumbai for one and all. However, before we proceed to know more about the products, let’s find out what people in Mumbai are up to regarding the use of adult toys.


About The Great City - Mumbai

Mumbai is among the most popular, busiest, and most happening cities in India. People here look for wise solutions to stay happy despite their busy schedules. When considering a sex toy, different people in this city have different opinions. 

Around 47% of men said that a sex toy is good enough to keep them out of stress after a bad day at the office. 

On the other hand, 25% of housewives and 36% of working girls opined that toys like vibrators would be great companions during their lone hours.

42% of couples felt adult toys were smart investments in reviving their physical bond.

Hence, it’s clear that the demand for sex toys in Mumbai is still on and continues to go higher in 2023 and onwards.


Explore Female Sex Toys in Mumbai at Our Online Store

If you are about to shop for something for your woman, you will not be disappointed while browsing adult toys from an online sex toys shop in Mumbai. Apart from being safe, high-quality, and functional, these erotic toys from our sex toys store in Mumbai are also quite realistic. For instance, girls would love shopping for dildo vibrators that would look like a real penis. There are many other sex toys for women in Mumbai that can now be bought from our store and added to your existing collection. 

Take a look the best sex toys for women in Mumbai: 

G-spot Vibrator in Mumbai

G-spot Vibrator for women in mumbai

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If there is any vibrator that creates magic in the female genitals, it is the G-spot vibrator. As the name says, the G-spot vibrator reaches the most erogenous spot in the female vagina, creating wild stimulations. Women who find it hard to reach their G-spot will get their job done with this advanced vibrator. 

Pussy Pump in Mumbai

Pussy pumps have reached the bedrooms of millions of girls to date. These pumps create suction to help blood flow to the labia and create sensations. Many women have said these pumps are easy to use and cause no unpleasant sensations. Our online store keeps a fine range of pussy pumps for women of all ages. 

Bullet Vibrator in Mumbai

There is nothing like a bullet vibrator when it comes to blended orgasms. The name says it all because these vibrators run like a bullet inside the female genitals, creating pleasant sensations and orgasmic vibes. Hence, when you are going for a solo play or foreplay, the bullet vibrator will work wonders. 

Vibrating Massager in Mumbai

The forthcoming nights will be blissful for women, and here comes the vibrating massager. Well, erotic massages are soothing yet wild, and when you have a vibrating massager, they are bound to become more intense. These massagers are safe for the genitals and make one go orgasmic in no time.


Discover Premier Men's Sex Toys in Mumbai at Our Online Store

Men love playing for long hours in bed. So, if they are not provided the right things to express their erotic side, they might fall short of their performance. In this respect, the male adult toys from our online sex toy shop will now help them fulfill their erotic desires and help them become capable to give flawless performances with their partners. Among the adult toys, one will find great products at our online sex toys shop in Mumbai for male like cock rings, penis sleeves, silicone dolls, artificial vaginas,s and more. 

Take a look the best sex toys for men in Mumbai: 

Male Stroker in Mumbai

Fleshlight masturbator for men in Mumbai

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Happiness for men in bed lies in the duration of stroking. With a male strokerthings will be out of the world. Those men eager to double their horniness will love the male stroker. These male sex toys in Mumbai are popular among men who desire to better their bed performances with female partners. 

Cock Ring in Mumbai

Cock ring is one of the most popular sex accessories for men. Those who find it challenging to get an erection benefit the most from a cock ring. These are also called penis rings which are worn at the penis’s base. A notable variety of cock rings is available at our online store. 

Silicone Love Doll in Mumbai

Playing with a sex doll is the most engaging experience for a man. These sex dolls are made of good-quality silicone and are easy to clean. They have lifelike body parts that make them look like real girls. Hence, if you want to enhance your male libido with a hot chick, the silicone love doll would be great.

Male Masturbation Toys in Mumbai

Masturbation is the best thing a man can think of in bed. Our male masturbation toys are exceptional and intend to satisfy men, unlike anything. These toys are safe to use and give men extreme orgasmic pleasure. Men who think they can do better in bed are sure to push up their confidence with our male masturbation toys in Mumbai.


Experience the Benefits of Our Online Sex Toy Store in Mumbai for Couples' Pleasure

Couples can now save a lot of their time, effort, and money by shopping for innovative adult products from our online shop. Anal dildos, butt plugs, leather whips, chastity lock devices, and other BDSM products can make great couple sex toys. Just visit an online sex toys store in Mumbai and pick the best ones you think will meet your erotic needs against each other. 

Take a look at the best sex toys for couples in Mumbai: 

Strap On in Mumbai

Couples who feel that they are missing out on the fun by going for stereotyped lovemaking styles will love taking up the strap-on. Their uniqueness lies in their style of use. First, the male or the female partner uses it and strokes the other. Once done, the other partner starts with the same. In other words, there is both fun and satisfaction while using this product. 

Kinky Pleasure in Mumbai

There are numerous items to show your kinkiness towards your partner. Under the kinky pleasure section, there are pheromone sprays with which you can allure your partner. Also, there is lubricant oil that sustains the smoothness at the vaginal entry. 

Anal Dildo in Mumbai

Anal sex is enjoyable and safe only when you stay slow and gentle. The anal dildo counts among the safest toys for anal sex. These dildos are easy to insert and never hurt if handled wisely. Unlike other dildos, the anal dildo is different and safe for couples. 

Bondage Sex in Mumbai

Sex has different forms, and bondage sex is the wildest yet most beautiful among all. Our online sex toy store brings a wide range of bondage sex toys and accessories. With products like chastity locks, mouth ball gags, restraints, etc., couples are going to have unlimited fun in their bedrooms.

It’s a pleasure from our end to also present LGBT sex toys. These are meant to enhance the sexual wellness of all those who belong to this community. Browse our store and you will come across some exclusive LGBT sex toys in Mumbai of premium quality.


Why privacy is maintained at Our Store

People all over the world are very pleased with the online stores. The online store's various facilities are helping many people in various ways. Most of the people of this city are enjoying certain features that make this online store quite different. The way the parcel is delivered is such a function. They nicely wrap the toy and then place it in a standard packing box.

At the top of the box, a paper is there that contains the name and the address of the customer. No product details are written on that paper. The swift delivery is done all over the city with the help of courier service. We give delivery within 2-3 working days at your doorstep. 

cash on delivery for sex toys in Mumbai

How the Payment is done here

People in modern society have a very clear-cut idea about shopping. Very few people are not aware of the various facilities of shopping. So, in the case of payment also people are having some knowledge. Our website has all the facilities for payment that are easy and user-friendly. The modes of payment are credit/debit cards, Paytm, Payumoney, and cash on delivery.

You can go for any option without tension. We are very particular about money matters. So, we never give a chance to complain as we avoid mishandling of money.


Some High-Demanded sex toys in Mumbai

From the above lines, it is clear that there are various options and categories present. Among them, the 3 categories are prominent i.e. men, women, and couples. Let’s see the details of such sex toys in Mumbai that have reached the top with their popularity:

  1. Music Vibrator - Women have a fascination for getting entertainment. So, this is possible with a music vibrator that has tunes and vibes. It syncs nicely and generates a different level of pleasure in women.
  2. Breast Enlargement Machine - Some women are not satisfied with their breast size. They want some remedy except surgery. In such a case the breast enlargement machine works in the best way and increases the size slowly.
  3. Female Urination Device - Women in most of cases are not able to urinate outside. It is a tuff situation but the urination device makes it all easy. It helps to urinate easily and it is reusable.
  4. Spider Sower Masturbator - Men in recent times are very excited about this spider sower masturbator. The soft upper part of the toy is fantastic and gives pleasurable stimulation while playing with it.
  5. Boys Sex Kit - The boys sex kit is a complete set of two kinds of toys. The cock ring and penis extender sleeves are not only pleasurable but also cure masculine problems.


Benefits of Shopping at Devilsextoy

When you visit an online store, the first thing that strikes you is how genuine it is. Of course, you are going to invest a good amount in a sex toy. So, there is no choice for you other than to be sceptical when choosing an online sex toys store. Devilsextoy, in this respect, is one of India’s authentic online sex toy shops where you are assured of top-notch service while shopping for sex toys in Mumbai.

So, here are five benefits as to why you should shop for sex toys in Mumbai from Devilsextoy:

✔️ We promise undisputed quality

You can compromise anything but not the quality of a sex toy. Devilsextoy has no doubts about this, as every product here is made with body-safe materials like silicone, TPR, glass, etc. All these materials are safe for any sex toy user. So, no matter whether one uses it for penetration or stimulation, our toys won’t harm one's genitals.

✔️ We have something for everyone

If you are concerned about variety, wipe away all worries because we will impress you, too, in this respect. As we have separated our products into multiple categories, one will find different products for diverse purposes catering to a wide range of people. Singles and couples, men and women, gays, lesbians, and even people of the LGBT community will love shopping here.

✔️ We keep your order discreet

Out of everything, we make sure to keep all deliveries discreet. It is in our business policy and, most importantly, our responsibility to ensure secrecy for every order we deliver to customers across India. On the boxes, we keep only the customer's name and address, not any product name. We even make sure to avoid any product names in banking transactions.

✔️ We enable easy and flexible payments

Devilsextoy is committed to providing professional service to all its customers. Hence, we make it easy to make payments. It is for this reason that we have options like cash on delivery, UPI gateways like Payumoney, Phonepe, G-Pay etc., and also online modes through debit cards and credit cards.

✔️ We deliver with a wink of an eye

It is true that Devilsextoy is always on time with the orders. No matter where you are in Mumbai or any other city across India, we take two to three working days to deliver an order. In case of an emergency, we inform the customer and deliver accordingly.


Why should Devilsextoy be your first preference to buy sex toys in Mumbai?

Devilsextoy has been operating across India for around 10 years. Today, it is among the reputed online sex toy stores with a huge range of mature products for men, women, and couples. People always go to reputed online shops to purchase quality things, and this is where we keep no hidden stories. In other words, Devilsextoy deserves to be the first preference for buyers looking for sex toys in Mumbai.

Secondly, Mumbai is the busiest city in India, and people here run out of time to look for a good online store. Hence, one can be at home, take a few clicks to visit our store, and shop from unlimited options. No matter in which area of Mumbai you wish to shop, our online sex toys store will deliver orders to your doorstep.

If, for instance, you are staying at Worli, we will accept orders and deliver them to your address. Even if you place an order at Andheri, we will get your order in three working days. Also, we take orders across Juhu and Bandra. In other words, wherever you are in Mumbai, Devilsextoy will make things safe and secure for you. Moreover, we have courier agents across the city who will take no time to deliver orders securely. This makes Devilsextoy the first preference for buying sex toys in Mumbai.


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➡️ Reviews and Ratings from Customers in Mumbai on Various Products

Review on Male Sex Toys from Worli: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Spider Sower Masturbator "I am in love with the Spider Sower Masturbator. What an amazing way to enjoy the solo play! Its hands-free feature is its USP, and I love the point of insertion. The vagina is so realistic that whenever I look at it, I feel like stroking it harder and harder. Love the grip and never feel its weight! I am addicted to it, and I am not joking!"

Review on Female Sex Toys from Bandra: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

G-spot vibrator "It used to take a hell of a lot of time for me to detect my G-spot. Thank God I got this vibrator! It detects well and hits it so gently yet wildly that I need nothing more in bed. I love using it every time I get horny. When he stays away, I take it as my partner and trust me, and she gives me the best shots no one can."

Review on Male Sex Toys from Borivali: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Cock Ring "Finally, I have got something to beat my nightmare of a sustained erection! I knew about cock rings, and these are not new to me. But I tell you, I got quality ones here, and of course, quite affordable ones. What I like most about the rabbit cock ring is its amazing power to charge me up! I had better; I have not had anything like this before!"

Review on Male Sex Toys from Andheri: ⭐⭐⭐ 3/5

Male Stroker "I love the male stroker, without any doubt. These are so seductive with silicone bodies that I get horny in no time. Very prominent genitals, and even the insertion points are good to penetrate! I love the collection of male strokers here, and I think they are great sex boosters for men. Safe and easy to play with, these strokers are a good investment for me!"

Review on Female Sex Toys from Juhu: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

Vibrating Massager "After having two vibrators, I think I am enjoying the most with the vibrating massager. Firstly, I adore its wand-shaped look and then comes its rotating head. In fact, whenever I keep a decent speed and place the rotating head on my clitoris, I go crazy. I never had such erotic massages before what I feel with this. In other words, it is worth the money!"


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➡️ Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I buy sex toys in Mumbai by paying through cash on delivery?

Answer: Yes, you can buy adult toys in Mumbai by paying through cash on delivery. The delivery representative will deliver your order in 2 to 3 working days and collect cash at your address. This payment method is simple, safe, and convenient.

Question: How safe it is to buy adult products in Mumbai at Devilsextoy?

Answer: Our online sex toy store, Devilsextoy makes it safe for everyone to shop from anywhere in India. One can order from any city and buy a product at the most affordable price. It has been operating for years and assures to serve everyone across India.

Question: What are the best sex toys for women in Mumbai online?

Answer: Women are sure to take pleasure in shopping for the best sex toys in Mumbai online. Devilsextoy, our online sex toy store, lets women browse products like vibrators, electro-sex toys, sex machines, breast enlargement creams, and more. Besides, there are sex accessories for women available here at low prices.

Question: I am 18 years old, and I want to buy a masturbator online. How can I buy it?

Answer: Anyone who is 18 years and above is eligible to shop for sex toys and adult products in Mumbai. Similarly, men qualifying for this age criteria can shop for spider sower masturbators, silicone sex dolls, male strokers, cock rings, and more.

Question: Why buy sex toys in Mumbai from Devlisextoy?

Answer: Devilsextoy is one of India’s most well-known online sex toy stores where quality and variety speak volumes. Moreover, this is an online store that takes care of customer’s confidentiality and accordingly delivers orders. Also, it takes a very short time period to deliver everywhere across India. For assistance, one can even speak to customer care executives and sort out queries on anything.

Question: Which sex toys in Mumbai are the most popular at Devilsextoy?

Answer: Devilsextoy owns more than 1400 products. For this, there are several categories under which the products have been displayed. There are mature toys for men, women, and couples. Even LGBT community people can shop here with pleasure. One will find trendy vibrators, dildos, sex machines, sex dolls, masturbators, delay sprays, vibrating massagers, and more. Even there are accessories like artificial hymen, pussy pumps, and even silicone breast prosthesis.

Question: What are the trending sex toys for couples in Mumbai at Devilsextoy?

Answer: Devilsextoy is here to make everyone happy, including the couples. So, if partners are looking for adult products online, they will find app-controlled vibrators, anal dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, strap-on, restraints, chastity locks, and more. Also, there is kinky pleasure stuff which couples can use for double the fun. All these products are made with skin-friendly materials and would benefit partners in their bonds.

Question: What are the best sex toys for women in Mumbai at Devilsextoy?

Answer: There are plenty of sex toys for women at Devilsextoy to shop from. One can look for vibrating and non-vibrating dildos along with sex machines, electro-sex toys, pussy pumps, artificial hymen, breast silicone bra and pad, vibrating massagers, nipple clamps, and more. With these products, women are not only going to attain satisfaction in bed but also stay positive throughout their sex life.

Question: Can men get sex toys in Mumbai at Devilsextoy?

Answer: Yes, men will find a huge variety of sex toys here at Devilsextoy. They can look for realistic sex dolls, hands-free masturbators, male strokers, big artificial vaginas, cock rings, and whatnot. These toys and accessories would give men the confidence and happiness to take their sex life to the next level. Men who are 18 and above can shop here with pleasure.

Question: How do sex toys play a vital role in one’s sexual health?

Answer: Sex toys are replicas of male and female body parts. The makers ensure that these toys give so much prominence that users find companions in them. Hence, they take pleasure in getting them to bed and stay entertained every night. Moreover, sex toys give both men and women the confidence to improve their sex lives and overcome challenges.

Question: Does Devilsextoy promise discreet delivery?

Answer: Devilsextoy knows the significance of keeping customer’s needs and wants confidential. Hence, it packs all products discreetly. In sturdy boxes, the products are packed so that there is no damage and no one comes to know what’s inside the package.So, it does not matter how big or small the product is; the packaging is done with safety and professionalism.

Question: How massive is the collection of sex toys in Mumbai online at Devilsextoy?

Answer: If you are willing to shop from a massive collection of sex toys in Mumbai online, it has to beDevilsextoy.It includes almost all types of mature products you have in mind. Whether it is male masturbation toys or, female solo toys or couple sprays and accessories, this online sex toys store has everything for its customers.

Question: Will I get quality sex toys in Mumbai at Devilsextoy?

Answer: Definitely! Devilsextoy leaves no chance for its customers to complain about the quality of its products. All fresh products are available here because what concerns them most is sexual wellness and not any other business motive. Hence, only those products sold here are made of materials like silicone, TPR, glass, etc.

Question: Does Devilsextoy charge any fee for delivering sex toys in Mumbai?

Answer: Devilsextoy never charges any extra cost for delivering sex toys in Mumbai. Wherever you are in this city, the delivery is free of cost. No matter which product it is, no delivery fees are added.

Question: Is it possible to return a product at Devilsextoy?

Answer: Devilsextoy is flexible about taking return requests from its customers. Sometimes, customers are not convinced of the quality, colour, or nature of the product. In these cases, they can always process a return request and contact our online sex toys store for assistance.

Question: Why is Devilsextoy a reputed online sex toys store in Mumbai?

Answer: A store that keeps up the record of serving people for around a decade is a well-known one. Devilsextoy is the same as this one, and it has been in this industry for around 10 years. It delivers orders to every city in India, including Mumbai. Furthermore, this store's quality, variety, and other services are worth mentioning.


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Final Words about Buying Sex Toys in Mumbai

Sex toys are having a special place in the minds of people in Mumbai. Some are taking these up for meeting sexual needs, some for eliminating stress, and some for bettering their sexual performance. Devilsextoy has a clear intention of improving your sexual wellness by introducing these toys to your bedrooms. Everyone has one life; so why not make it fun-filled and satisfactory with these amusing items? All one needs is to pick the right one and play. So, just get your favorite one now and make your nights more pleasant than ever.