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Sex Toys in Pune: It was the auspicious year 2014 when we decided to kick off selling books online. The initiative was really successful because the response we got was noteworthy. With the passage of time, we decided to come up with a new idea and strategize it across India. We thought of emphasizing on the idea of spreading sexual wellness among all people. Hence, we created our own online store in Pune, Maharashtra in the name of Devilsextoy to sell sex toys in India.

Today, Devilsextoy has reached out to not only the big cities but have also made ways to remote locations throughout the state. For instance, we have dealt with customers from Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Nashik and more. Even outside Maharashtra, we have received orders from cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

In the last 2 years, Devilsextoy has witnessed some positive results. For instance:

·         Compared to 2017 and 2018, Devilsextoy saw 36% rise in its sale for couple sex toys

·         Female users grew by 28% in 2020

·         The highest sales figures in the last 8 months were for bullet vibrators and strap-on

·         There was 32% rise among men using penis sleeves


Why Choose Devilsextoy among other Online Adult Toy Stores?

Devilsextoy is honoured to serve all men and women with safest products that would change their sex life. For the last 6 years, we have been doing a decent job throughout India and now, we look forward to make the journey more successful in the coming years.

Here are 5 major factors that make Devilsextoy stand out from other online sex toy stores in India:

·         Products of Impeccable Quality

·         Unique Variety of Sex Toys

·         Customer Care Support

·         Flexible Payment Methods

·         Timely Doorstep Delivery

·         Discreet Packaging

·         Same day delivery for COD orders


How Safe are Sex Toys from Devilsextoy?

The first thing that strikes every sex toy buyer before purchasing any such product is how safe it is to use on the skin. In this respect, Devilsextoy clearly states that it has the safest products. Behind selling these products, we keep no other business intentions. It’s just that we are here to prioritize sexual wellness among all genders.

Most importantly, our online sex toys store in Pune never ever accepts any product made of phthalate or any harmful chemical. To be more precise, we strictly deal with non-toxic products that would promise completely safety and entertainment at the same time.

One who enters our website will come across a fine assortment of toys and accessories. These have been divided through categories and subcategories. This would even help a beginner to shop with no difficulty at out store.


How Can I Order Sex Toys from Devilsextoy?

Devilsextoy makes the ordering process so simple and transparent. The website has been designed keeping in mind the convenience of an online shopper. Hence, we have got two easy steps of ordering a sex toy from at our store:


1.       Visit the Website and Order

This is a very simple and common process of ordering anything from an online store. So, one just need to visit our website, browse his/her desired product, add to kart and proceed to order. There will be few basic steps that must be followed correctly.


2.       Call a Sales Executive and Order

Devilsextoy also preserves a flexible alternative where a customer can anytime call up a sales executive and request for an order. This would also be quite helpful for the customer to sort out any query regarding any product or order. In this process, a few formalities would be met and the order would be processed accordingly.


What Sex Toys are Available at Devilsextoy?

We here at Devilsextoy has got a wide variety of sex toys and accessories for men, women and even couples. So, you can imagine what variety we have in store for one and all. Whether one wishes to buy sex toys in Pune or in any other city in Maharashtra, it is Devilsextoy where this would be possible.

So, here is a quick look at what type of sex toys we have here in Devilsextoy:


Female Sex Toys in Pune

With a firm understanding of all sorts of sexual needs of women, Devilsextoy has listed some great female adult products in its store. Ladies in Pune have sounded quite enthusiastic towards using sex products and accessories. We have also categorized the female toys in 3 different major parts.


Sex Toys for Girls

Girls will not have to worry anymore about making their sex life more fulfilling. Devilsextoy has amazing adult toys for female that include everything from sex machines, vibrating massagers, bullet vibrators, electro sex toys to fun vibrators, sex kits, and more.


Accessories for Girls

On browsing this subcategory, girls will come across the most sizzling accessories to enjoy on bed. There will be silicone breast prosthesis, nipple clamps, steel rings, vibrating underwear, breast silicone bra and pad etc.


Needs for Girls

This section brings the most necessary adult products which women require to fix their dull sex life. One can also buy breast enlargement cream, enlargement machines, artificial hymen in India at modest prices only from devilsextoy.


Male Sex Toys in Pune

Men are sure to have a rocking time alone as well as with their partners. Devilsextoy also promises men to bring their happiness back on track with some remarkable sex products. We divided the male section in two different categories.


Sex Toys for Boys

As this subcategory clearly says, it includes some fabulous sex toys for men in Pune. Here one would find high-tech masturbators, inflatable sex dolls, male strokers, big artificial vagina and what not. All such sex toys for male here assure complete safety and an enjoyable sex life.


Needs for Boys

Men keep looking for such erotic toys that become a necessity for them at one point of time. So, this subcategory includes all such needy toys for men like penis enlargement cream, penis sleeve extender, penis enlargement machine, silicone ring etc.


Couple Sex Toys in Pune

As mentioned earlier, couples have shown an outstanding response here at Devilsextoy. This has been possible due to the incredible collection we have got here.

Our ‘For Couple’ category comprises products like anal dildos along with other toys for anal sex like butt plugs, anal beads, anal vibrators etc. Moreover, there are strap-on, and toy cleaners of great variety.


Other Special Products for Special Occasions

Devilsextoy also presents some real exclusive products meant for specific occasions. Take a quick look:


Party Sex Toys in Pune

The BDSM lovers will also be thrilled on shopping here from the category of party toys at Devilextoy. We have got the coolest collection of BDSM sex toys in Pune. Those couples who love role plays will find chastity lock devices, leather whips, handcuffs and more such innovative stuff.

Besides, couples will come across high-quality bondage chair, mouth ball gag, sex swing etc. Also, there would be sex sprays and even erotic candles.


Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Pune

When it comes to browsing the lube and herbal category, one will also find natural products like herbal oil, delay sprays, massage oil and more. These products will not only benefit couples but singles as well.

Partners should not miss checking out the lubes and gels here. These arousal gels are made of skin-free ingredients and play a key role in making one sexually happy.  


Long Distance Sex Toys in Pune

Devilsextoy has brought an excellent medium to unite long distance couples physically. Yes, our online sex toy store in Pune brings app control vibrators that are made to operate by means of Bluetooth support and a smartphone.

Two partners can stay wherever they are. It is through one’s smartphone and of course the device along with Bluetooth connectivity that they would be able to connect each other and involve in an engaging erotic play. Undoubtedly, it is an incredible concept. In fact, the popularity of app control vibrators has reached sky-high in the last 5 months.


5 Happening Picks at Devilsextoy

Out of all products owned by Devilsextoy, here are five hottest adult products that have gained high praises in the recent past. Here are those five sex toys that have received a commendable response from all over India:



Get the similar feel of a man stroking a girl harder with this amazing sex toy known as strap-on. Having a penis attached to a harness, it is apt for not only for women but also for couples.

While going through the range of strap-ons at our online sex toys store, you will come across different models like Starfish Strap on Vibrator Seven junction, Strap On - Vibrating with Attached Vagina, Utimi Double Adjustable Strap On and more. You can also look for sex toys in Thane while shopping for strap-on.


Glass Dildo

Glass dildo is no doubt a very safe and effective sex toy for girls who want to have fun with themselves or with their partners. 

The stock of glass dildos at our online adult toy shop in Pune will bring you the most advanced ones like Bud Glass Dildo, Jaguar Golden Glass Dildo, Dual Pleasure Glass Dildo etc. For more exclusive glass dildos, you can check out the collection of sex toys in Mumbai.


Cock Ring

With a cock ring, men can now strengthen their penis power as well as the ability to make love. These rings are easy to wear and keep the user comfortable.

The cock ring category includes products like 10-Mode Cock Ring Vibrator, Heavy Cock Ring Ice-Flower, Transparent 4 Tube Finger Cock Ring etc. For more innovative models, you can shop for female sex toys in Nashik.


Super Girl

Men will have the most awesome time on bed with a Super Girl.  The Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl, for instance, is just amazing for any man to fall for. Just bring her home and spend the most intense erotic moments with her on bed.

Men are sure to get amazed at her first look. It looks so real for its silicone body. She has got a lovely stature, a perfect figure and attractive body parts. If you are in need of such sexy dolls in India, start shopping for sex toys in Nagpur.


Sex Machine

If women had always demanded speed out of their men’s ability to make love, it’s a sex machine that would do wonders. These machines usually come with a dildo attached with a mechanism that speeds it up to give strokes at random.

The sex machines you will find here include Easy Love Mini Sex Machine, Sex Machine Gun, 5-Speed Thrusting Vibrator Sex Machine etc. While shopping for sex toys in Aurangabad, you can look for more sex machines at cheap prices.

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You help other people in their purchases by sharing your experience.

Anima P.
Proper Pleasure-giving vibrator
It is difficult to get a proper mature toy that can give pleasure without side effects. This is a super special vibrator that makes me ecstatic in many ways. The length of the vibrator is just awesome as it smoothly enters the private part and tickles the right area without failure. The single mode of stimulation is also incredible as I can get it from the toy only.
Moderated on 11/12/2021.
Sneha J.
Life at night is thrilling
All my nights are just fabulous and the credit goes to this website that has provided me this wonderful luxury vibrator. The toy is long enough that goes straight inside the private area and slowly makes me naughty. The toy is sturdy enough and gives me a feel that is quite real-like. Even I can wash it properly with water too.
Moderated on 11/02/2021.
Garima B.
Yes! boundless pleasure
Being divorced for the last 5 years it feels mundane. But for 2 months it is not dull any longer. This is because I have this awesome soft and effective vibrator that gives unmatched pleasure. The vibrations are tremendously good and have provided me pleasure for many days. I have recommended it to all the acquaintances as well.
Moderated on 10/29/2021.
Nidhi S.
Happy to try something innovative
Trying something up-to-the-minute is more like a hobby to me. So, in my bedroom also I continued with the same and this luxury vibrator that gives me matchless pleasure in bed. The toy is long and I can play naughty games all the night with it. The toy is a fantastic stimulator.
Moderated on 10/29/2021.
Meera R.
Fun for both of us
I am married but my husband can’t stimulate me correctly. So, he bought this rabbit vibrator for me. I can’t explain the level of satisfaction I get from this toy. The vibes turns me on and both of us are happy with the unique vibes as I just become crazy with desires.
Moderated on 10/02/2021.
Reshmi H.
Washable product
Love the new mature toy that make the life a bit happening. The rabbit vibrator is long and gives me unlimited fun by the stimulating feature. The toy is soft and handling it is also very easy by any women. I am also happy as I can wash it easily with water only.
Moderated on 09/23/2021.
Kavya D.
It is very easy to use
My boyfriend who stays in a different city has gifted me a trendy dildo that is super pleasurable. The toy is gentle and goes inside the private area smoothly. The thickness and length both are awesome.
Moderated on 09/23/2021.
Kangna T.
Wow... it's very soft
In every matter I have preferences. So, in case of mature toys, I only go for high-quality mature toys that have attracted me a lot. So, I ordered this double dong jelly dildo which has soft and flexible body that easily touches the inner part.
Moderated on 09/14/2021.
Sneha J.
Very pleasurable product
Nights are now double entertaining as I have this non-vibrator that looks very real. The softness and the flexibility of the toy are very good.
Moderated on 09/14/2021.
Anshika L.
It is extremely exciting product
Deriving pleasure on all nights is a bit easier with this vibrator. The vibrator is the perfect one for any woman like me who craves for satisfaction in bed. The vibrator is long and very time I put it inside, I can feel the steamy sensations in the body in few minutes only.
Moderated on 09/14/2021.
Nupur G.
The single vibrating mode is also enjoyable a lot
Nights are beautiful now as I am a single lady who has this beautiful vibrating toy. The device is long and every time I play with it, I can reach the highest point of pleasure-land without much effort.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Girija B.
Great product for female
Hi girls, my life is now exciting with this vibrating massager. It helps to have unlimited fun in bed by using this toy. It tickles me and gives me orgasms whenever I use it as a massager. The vibes are incredible and the operations are also quite easy-peasy. The delivery process is also nice.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Cheran B.
I love this naughty mature toy
Making my partner happy in bed is an herculean task for me. This was because I am unable to satisfy her. After searching a lot I finally got a cock ring on this website that has changed my intimate life. Yes, this is superb as it makes me last longer in bed for some more time. As a result, both of us are happy with each other.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Anurag M.
The fantasies are all fulfilled in bed by it
This leopard print handcuff is more liked by the couples like us. It helped to make any fantasy turn into reality. It does not hurt much and the roleplay becomes romantic and exciting as well. They have given delivery within the mentioned time period only.
Moderated on 08/02/2021.
Madhavan G.
Finally I got this boys sex kit on this website
For a long time, I wanted to try some boys mature toy, but was unable to decide. Guys, believe me, there are 15 cock rings and 7 penis extender sleeves that are mind-blowing. Each one is awesome and makes to go crazy with wild desires. Even the blue colour is impressive.
Moderated on 08/02/2021.
Vivek C.
It gives steamy sensations to me
The sex machine is an innovative toy that has grabbed my attention for the first time. It is long and also adjustable. Both I and my husband love to use it in our private sessions.
Moderated on 07/15/2021.
Mr. A.
Amazing lighter
Hello friends, this is a very wonderful lighter. I am amazed to see the features of the device. The packing of the lighter is also very good. I am recommending it to all other users too.
Moderated on 07/15/2021.
Saurabh C.
Wow.. amazing doll at the best price
My lonely life is now more exciting with my new toy. It looks very similar to a real girl. Every part of the body is very natural and whenever I play with her. She looks very erotic and I can’t control my naughty wishes. But I wished if the skin colour was a bit dusky.
Moderated on 07/15/2021.
Priti D.
The vibrations are perfect for me
I am a very shy girl but all will agree that if you remain quiet then you will just be a loser. So, without hesitating anymore, I just ordered my first ever toy from this website. The flower design on it is very attractive. Moreover, I just love the colour.
Moderated on 06/22/2021.
Megha M.
Super strap-on which is perfect couple's toy
My latest toy is this awesome strap-on. It really looks nice and when I and my partner play with it, we can’t explain the level of happiness we get from it. But I didn’t like the colour of the leather portion as I wanted something on red. Otherwise, this strap-on is the perfect couple’s toy.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
Miss J.
This is really tiny yet powerful
I always wanted to go out somewhere and try a vibrator. I was unable to do so, as most of the vibrators are bigger in size. But at last, I found something on this website and really super-excited. Believe me girls; the small vibrator gives awesome vibes that I can’t hide my feelings.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
Zara y.
More enjoyable panty for girl
This is really thrilling to get something new. As a girl i had many panties but a vibrating one is completely out of the box. So, when I saw it on this online store I hardly controlled myself from purchasing it. Using it is more enjoying and naughty. I can wear it under my dress and go anywhere I like. The hands-free stimulation is super pleasurable.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
Rajeev H.
This Male stroker is just perfect for me
This device looks really sexy and I just can’t control myself from becoming naughty. The clitoris on the device and the torch like body looks really seductive. My loneliness is now boring as I have this one with me. Even I carry it with me everywhere I go. The wild desires turn into reality with the help of this awesome product.
Moderated on 05/19/2021.
Anjali R.
I love this device so much
Strawberry is my favourite fruit and also I love the colour. That’s why, I bought this fun vibrator. The sturdy device is just brilliant to touch my pleasure point effectively. It also stimulates my clitoris and makes me go wild with desires. The twisted part at the edge of the device is awesome to give quicker orgasms. The vibrating mode is also an added advantage of this device to bring out the naughty feelings.
Moderated on 05/08/2021.
Mrs. P.
Nice product at minimum price
Last valentine day I wanted to gift my boyfriend something special and sexy. However, my search ended when I saw this gas lighter on your website. It looked amazing and the metal body is also eye-catchy. When I gifted it to him, he was so happy and excited to receive it. This was the reason that helped me to become special in his eyes as he loved it very much.
Moderated on 05/04/2021.
Santosh N.
So soft and i fall in love with this doll
My wet dreams are now fulfilled with the help of this amazing doll. The real-like female body parts are really erotic and make me go crazy. The softness and human-like skin gives a naturalistic feel. The more I inflate, the more I get seduced. So, my solo sessions are no more monotonous; rather I feel satisfied and relaxed after each time I play with her.
Moderated on 04/29/2021.
Best product for making erotic moment
Penetrating a big artificial vagina is of course special for men. Fortunately, I made the right choice and I am so happy with my investment. Very good quality and so realistic! The presence of the pubic hairs looks good and real. I loved the inner texture as it is quite soft to penetrate and enjoy. Despite, I would have loved to pay a bit less for this product. Rest are awesome!
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Mr. R.
Very good quality and quite durable!!
Finally, I got something I have been craving for!! Now I know why lesbians treasure this product so much! Pricing is justified and it was delivered in the most discreet manner!
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Arun P.
What an incredible product for male
I am sure cock rings are fun. Whenever you feel you are short of erection, just wear it and you will enjoy like anything. It has such a nice design and feels so good against the dick. There is no question about the quality while the price was also decent. I got the delivery on time and there was no problem in receiving it. Super impressed!
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Rina B.
Marvelous product for female at perfect price
This is my first purchase. I wonder how can a device looks exactly like a male phallus? However, it is so soft and the color is so real that I can’t control my wild thoughts with its first look. Moreover, every time I put it inside my vagina I feel numbness and starts to breath heavily in no time. For me, this is an awesome gadget which has sexually stimulated me for a super erotic life.
Moderated on 03/17/2021.
Deep S.
One of the best strap on product for couple
This is a wonderful product with a black colored dildo. I and my partner were super excited to see the 10.5 inches long phallus shaped adult toy. In fact, we both ended up in supreme satisfaction. The silicone made product is soft on the genitals and can be washed easily too. As a whole, we are happy to add this to our collection of bedroom toys.
Moderated on 03/13/2021.
Good product for couple but personally i prefer other than purple
It is the trendiest fun toy I ever had. Both of us enjoyed a lot with it. This butt plug is totally unique and gives orgasmic pleasure to no end. It stimulates my anus so well and brings erotic sensations like I never had earlier. This is indeed a fantastic experience. But I would be happier with a different color other than purple.
Moderated on 03/04/2021.
Sabana A.
Product colour is very nice
I have a good collection of vibrators. But this G-spot vibrator is awesome. It perfectly stimulates my vagina walls. It has 30 different modes which gives different vibes. The sensation produced takes me to cloud9. The USB chargable gadget battery life is long and charging it is not at all difficult.
Moderated on 02/27/2021.
Mrs. K.
Amazing product at low cost
Me and my partner are quite experimental on bed. So, this time I preferred to order a sex kit that will have multiple adult accessories. In this respect, this sex kit is truly value for money. I was about to buy those items separately. Thank god I got this kit on time and got it delivered at my doorstep!
Moderated on 02/18/2021.
Mr. K.
Fabulous product with exclusive design at affordable price
I just love this. It comes with an exclusive design and enters the anus without any pain or discomfort. Make sure to lube it up or otherwise it might hurt. Build quality is impressive while its grip has no words. Delivery was done quite decently and on time!
Moderated on 02/11/2021.
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