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Sex Toys in Pune: It was the auspicious year 2014 when we decided to kick off selling books online. The initiative was really successful because the response we got was noteworthy. With the passage of time, we decided to come up with a new idea and strategize it across India. We thought of emphasizing on the idea of spreading sexual wellness among all people. Hence, we created our own online sex toys store in Pune, Maharashtra in the name of Devilsextoy to sell sex toys in India.

Today, Devilsextoy has reached out to not only the big cities but have also made ways to remote locations throughout the state. For instance, we have dealt with customers from Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Nashik and more. Even outside Maharashtra, we have received orders from cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.


In the last 2 years, Devilsextoy has witnessed some positive results. For instance:

  • Compared to 2017 and 2018, Devilsextoy saw 36% rise in its sale for couple sex toys
  • Female users grew by 28% in 2020
  • The highest sales figures in the last 8 months were for bullet vibrators and strap-on
  • There was 32% rise among men using penis sleeves


Why Choose Devilsextoy among other Online Adult Toy Stores?

Devilsextoy is honoured to serve all men and women with safest products that would change their sex life. For the last 6 years, we have been doing a decent job throughout India and now, we look forward to make the journey more successful in the coming years.

Here are 5 major factors that make Devilsextoy stand out from other online sex toy stores in India:

  1. Products of Impeccable Quality
  2. Unique Variety of Sex Toys
  3. Customer Care Support
  4. Flexible Payment Methods
  5. Timely Doorstep Delivery
  6. Discreet Packaging
  7. Same day delivery for COD orders


How Safe are Sex Toys from Devilsextoy?

The first thing that strikes every sex toy buyer before purchasing any such product is how safe it is to use on the skin. In this respect, Devilsextoy clearly states that it has the safest products. Behind selling these products, we keep no other business intentions. It’s just that we are here to prioritize sexual wellness among all genders.

Most importantly, our online sex toys store in Pune never ever accepts any product made of phthalate or any harmful chemical. To be more precise, we strictly deal with non-toxic products that would promise completely safety and entertainment at the same time.

One who enters our website will come across a fine assortment of toys and accessories. These have been divided through categories and subcategories. This would even help a beginner to shop with no difficulty at out store.


How Can I Order Sex Toys from Devilsextoy?

Devilsextoy makes the ordering process so simple and transparent. The website has been designed keeping in mind the convenience of an online shopper. Hence, we have got two easy steps of ordering a sex toy from at our store:


➡️  Visit the Website and Order

This is a very simple and common process of ordering anything from an online store. So, one just need to visit our website, browse his/her desired product, add to kart and proceed to order. There will be few basic steps that must be followed correctly.


➡️  Call a Sales Executive and Order

Devilsextoy also preserves a flexible alternative where a customer can anytime call up a sales executive and request for an order. This would also be quite helpful for the customer to sort out any query regarding any product or order. In this process, a few formalities would be met and the order would be processed accordingly.


What Sex Toys are Available at Devilsextoy?

We here at Devilsextoy has got a wide variety of sex toys and accessories for men, women and even couples. So, you can imagine what variety we have in store for one and all. Whether one wishes to buy sex toys in Pune or in any other city in Maharashtra, it is Devilsextoy where this would be possible.

here is a quick look at what type of sex toys we have here in Devilsextoy:


Female Sex Toys in Pune ✔️

With a firm understanding of all sorts of sexual needs of women, Devilsextoy has listed some great female adult products in its store. Ladies in Pune have sounded quite enthusiastic towards using sex products and accessories. We have also categorized the female toys in 3 different major parts.


Sex Toys for Girls

Girls will not have to worry anymore about making their sex life more fulfilling. Devilsextoy has amazing adult toys for female that include everything from sex machines, vibrating massagers, bullet vibrators, electro sex toys to fun vibrators, sex kits, and more.


Accessories for Girls

On browsing this subcategory, girls will come across the most sizzling accessories to enjoy on bed. There will be silicone breast prosthesis, nipple clamps, steel rings, vibrating underwear, breast silicone bra and pad etc.


Needs for Girls

This section brings the most necessary adult products which women require to fix their dull sex life. One can also buy breast enlargement cream, enlargement machines, artificial hymen in India at modest prices only from devilsextoy.


Male Sex Toys in Pune ✔️

Men are sure to have a rocking time alone as well as with their partners. Devilsextoy also promises men to bring their happiness back on track with some remarkable sex products. We divided the male section in two different categories.


Sex Toys for Boys

As this subcategory clearly says, it includes some fabulous sex toys for men in Pune. Here one would find high-tech masturbators, inflatable sex dolls, male strokers, big artificial vagina and what not. All such sex toys for male here assure complete safety and an enjoyable sex life.


Needs for Boys

Men keep looking for such erotic toys that become a necessity for them at one point of time. So, this subcategory includes all such needy toys for men like penis enlargement cream, penis sleeve extender, penis enlargement machine, silicone ring etc.


Couple Sex Toys in Pune ✔️

As mentioned earlier, couples have shown an outstanding response here at Devilsextoy. This has been possible due to the incredible collection we have got here.

Our ‘For Couple’ category comprises products like anal dildos along with other toys for anal sex like butt plugs, anal beads, anal vibrators etc. Moreover, there are strap-on, and toy cleaners of great variety.


Other Special Products for Special Occasions

Devilsextoy also presents some real exclusive products meant for specific occasions. Take a quick look:


Party Sex Toys in Pune

The BDSM lovers will also be thrilled on shopping here from the category of party toys at Devilextoy. We have got the coolest collection of BDSM sex toys in Pune. Those couples who love role plays will find chastity lock devices, leather whips, handcuffs and more such innovative stuff.

Besides, couples will come across high-quality bondage chair, mouth ball gag, sex swing etc. Also, there would be sex sprays and even erotic candles.


Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Pune

When it comes to browsing the lube and herbal category, one will also find natural products like herbal oil, delay sprays, massage oil and more. These products will not only benefit couples but singles as well.

Partners should not miss checking out the lubes and gels here. These arousal gels are made of skin-free ingredients and play a key role in making one sexually happy.


Long Distance Sex Toys in Pune

Devilsextoy has brought an excellent medium to unite long distance couples physically. Yes, our online sex toy store in Pune brings app control vibrators that are made to operate by means of Bluetooth support and a smartphone.

Two partners can stay wherever they are. It is through one’s smartphone and of course the device along with Bluetooth connectivity that they would be able to connect each other and involve in an engaging erotic play. Undoubtedly, it is an incredible concept. In fact, the popularity of app control vibrators has reached sky-high in the last 5 months.


5 Happening Picks at Devilsextoy

Out of all products owned by Devilsextoy, here are five hottest adult products that have gained high praises in the recent past. Here are those five sex toys that have received a commendable response from all over India:



Get the similar feel of a man stroking a girl harder with this amazing sex toy known as strap-on. Having a penis attached to a harness, it is apt for not only for women but also for couples.

While going through the range of strap-ons at our online sex toys store, you will come across different models like Starfish Strap on Vibrator Seven junction, Strap On - Vibrating with Attached Vagina, Utimi Double Adjustable Strap On and more. You can also look for sex toys in Thane while shopping for strap-on.


Glass Dildo

Glass dildo is no doubt a very safe and effective sex toy for girls who want to have fun with themselves or with their partners. 

The stock of glass dildos at our online adult toy shop in Pune will bring you the most advanced ones like Bud Glass Dildo, Jaguar Golden Glass DildoDual Pleasure Glass Dildo etc. For more exclusive glass dildos, you can check out the collection of sex toys in Mumbai.


Cock Ring

With a cock ring, men can now strengthen their penis power as well as the ability to make love. These rings are easy to wear and keep the user comfortable.

The cock ring category includes products like 10-Mode Cock Ring Vibrator, Heavy Cock Ring Ice-Flower, Transparent 4 Tube Finger Cock Ring etc. For more innovative models, you can shop for female sex toys in Nashik.


Super Girl

Men will have the most awesome time on bed with a Super Girl.  The Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl, for instance, is just amazing for any man to fall for. Just bring her home and spend the most intense erotic moments with her on bed.

Men are sure to get amazed at her first look. It looks so real for its silicone body. She has got a lovely stature, a perfect figure and attractive body parts. If you are in need of such sexy dolls in India, start shopping for sex toys in Nagpur.


Sex Machine

If women had always demanded speed out of their men’s ability to make love, it’s a sex machine that would do wonders. These machines usually come with a dildo attached with a mechanism that speeds it up to give strokes at random.

The sex machines you will find here include Easy Love Mini Sex Machine, Sex Machine Gun, 5-Speed Thrusting Vibrator Sex Machine etc. While shopping for sex toys in Aurangabad, you can look for more sex machines at cheap prices.

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You help other people in their purchases by sharing your experience.

Nikita B.
What a plaything!
This vibrating toy will make women very happy to use. The toy's clean and original design make it incredibly appealing. Erotic stimulation is provided in the desired location by this vibrating instrument. I have a serious crush on this toy.
Moderated on 02/16/2024.
Mrs N.
Great product
This toy is great and gives me the best sensation. It has got a perfect length and width that totally drives me crazy. I am in love with the rotating feature of this toy. This toy has filled my life with erotic sensations.
Moderated on 02/16/2024.
Eshita S.
A good pick for solo and foreplay
This is my 4th toy that I bought and added to my collection of adult products. In comparison, this dildo does not have any vibration but gives orgasmic vibes with intensity. I loved using it during my solo. Also, I insist my partner to use it during foreplay.
Moderated on 02/16/2024.
Mr R.
Wow, I loved it!
This toy is great! I could not imagine getting such a wonderful piece of toy at this low price. The quality of this vibrator is so good. It has textured skin which makes my hours better. These details double the pleasure during insertion.
Moderated on 02/16/2024.
Vikas N.
Brings us close
Now my lover and I stay close to each other for this vibrator. It has brought us near to making our every wild desire come wet. This toy is easy to use and runs for long hours giving us erotic moments.
Moderated on 08/19/2023.
Vikas N.
Enjoying after use
No one can replace this K-Y Johnson and Johnson. Yes, after using for some days I am here to give my review for the product. The herbal one works like a magic and I have a better time after using this brilliant product.
Moderated on 08/19/2023.
Bharat M.
Sensations are outstanding
The super dooz 34000 dragon delay spray is just right for my condition, as I can attest. To get up, it took me a long time. However, this spray has helped me get an erection more quickly. One spray gives me tingling, and two sprays in bed work like magic for me.
Moderated on 08/19/2023.
Aisha D.
A good beginning for BDSM
The BDSM concept is new to us. So, we started having fun with these handcuffs, which provide endless entertainment. When the handcuffs are tied around my wrist, I don't feel anything. Since I feel trapped by this product, I am pleased that it provides unlimited entertainment.
Moderated on 06/16/2023.
Roman S.
Great to use
This product feels amazing to use. It gives me a sensational feeling whenever I insert this toy. I got it delivered to my doorstep just within a few days of ordering. The toy was packed discreetly. I am amazed by the quality of the toy.
Moderated on 06/16/2023.
Samesh Y.
Does not prick my skin
The leather belts are so good by nature that it does not prick my skin. It is high in quality and highly flexible. The clips of the belt help me adjust the harness easily. I have sensitive skin for which rashes and burns are common. This quality leather material does not irritate my skin.
Moderated on 06/16/2023.
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